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"Ahh.....Comfort Priceless!"

What would you pay for comfort?

I am a big girl and comfort is everything to me, I don’t want to just throw on some sweats or leggings just to be comfortable.

I want it all, comfort and style. So let’s bring “Sexy Back”

Just in time for summer, Fabulous Stretch Lace Waistband Yoga Pants. Great new colors for the summer comes in regular and plus sizes.

So soft jersey feel. 95% Cotton 5% Spandex Stretch Lace Waistband, Boot Cut.   Great traveling companion!  Place your order now these styles are in limited quantity.

Always The Hottest Fashion For All Sizes at:   www.jalynnscloset.com

Stay Sexy!

5351652_CBY160317SD02_BROWN_L_0 5351652_CBY160317SD02_BROWN_D_1 5351651_CBY160317SD01_CHARCOAL_L_0 (1) 5351651_CBY160317SD01_CHARCOAL_D_1 4138905_CBY150407LO01_NAVY_D_1 4138905_CBY150407LO01_NAVY_L_0 5236376_CBY160216ND01_BLUE_D_1 5236376_CBY160216ND01_BLUE_L_0 5278712_CBY160223NS02_NAVY_D_1 5278712_CBY160223NS02_NAVY_L_0 5278713_CBY160223NS05_MINT_D_1 5278713_CBY160223NS05_MINT_L_0 5278714_CBY160223NS04_CORAL_D_1 5278714_CBY160223NS04_CORAL_L_0 5278715_CBY160223NS03_GRAY_D_1 5278715_CBY160223NS03_GRAY_L_0

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